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Terms & Conditions Of Our Service

By subscribing to our On-Line Business Card Solution You AGREE to abide by these Terms & Conditions

Guarantee: We offer a 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days of our service. If you are not completely happy just email for a full refund. AFTER 30 DAYS there is no refund.

Up Time: We use our best efforts to make sure our service is available 24x7. However we cannot assure 100% uptime and there is no reimbursement or extended credit for downtime.

Device Compatibility: We use our best efforts to make sure ours ervices works on all mobile devices. However there are so many on the market and new ones on a daily basis it is almost impossible to keep up. If you are having problems with your device please contact

Your Privacy: We will NOT share your information with 3rd prties nor will we spam you. However we may contact you from time to time with updates/news/special offers.

Subscription Details: 1 Year: 12 months of service from the date of payment 3 Year: 36 months of service from the date of payment 5 Year: 60 months of service from date of payment.

Renewal: 1 year and 3 year service agreements will auto renew on anniversary date. If you wish not to auto renew simply send an email to at least 30 days prior to renewal date and request service cancellation.

Amendments: We may update and amend the Terms & Conditions of our service, it is your responsibility to check for changes.  You can always see the latest at
LIMITS OF OUR RESPONSBILITY, INDEMNIFICATION, JURISDICTION: Under no circumstances, for whatever reason, is Our liability to you more than the subscription fee paid for the service. We make no guarantees of service or availability whatsoever.  We are not responsible for any losses incurred by the unavailability of our service.You agree to indemnify of us from any 3rd parties for claims you incur from the use of our services. If there is a legal dispute it shall be resolved in the city of West Palm Beach, the county of Palm Beach, the State Of Florida, United States of America.  Our is defined by any Officer of the Corporation, Employee, Contractor, or any 3rd Party associated with the Company in regards to the delivery of this product.